How can we both source control a document template on Git, yet make it available to copy? I have found that users would resort to forking or cloning the template, then manually adjusting the pre-existing template configuration to create a new document. This process proved cumbersome, not intuitive, and not the intended usage of forking or cloning.

Using Cookiecutter allows us to duplicate any repository and pass command-line variables into the generated folder’s files using Jinja templating.

This means we can essentially copy/paste a source controlled template folder, yet not inherit any Git history or other configuration setups.

We now have a scalable, easy, and instant solution for users to create a document locally using a company’s styling and configuration.


Jinja variables in the Sphinx configuration file:

# -- Project variables -------------------------------------------------------

project = ''
gitlab_ref = ''
version = ''
default_branch = ''

To setup a document:


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