Analyzing document changes

We can use git-diff or a document lifecycle tool to analyze changes between any document versions.


For a complete list of all content changes, use a document lifecycle tool such as GitLab or GitHub to compare differences between versions internally. If you need to produce a file to share externally, use the pretty-diff function. For more complex diff functions such as excluding file types, use pretty-diff. These workflows capture all changes to a repository, whether manually logged or not.

Compare via GitLab

  1. In a repository, navigate to Repository > Compare.
  2. Select two tags/branches/commits to compare.

Once you run the compare, you can share the compare internally by copy/pasting the address from the address bar.

Export compare to a file

You'll need to install pretty-diff via

Run pretty-diff as you'd run git diff. For example, pretty diff v1.3 HEAD -- source/topics/electrical-specifications.rst. This will show differences between v1.3 of a document and the most recent draft content, for the electrical-specifications.rst topic. It will output the diff as an HTML website that you can save locally and share as you would with any file.

List common commands and define workflows for producing diff reports in the file. See the link below for an example. example: | See below for the output of running pretty-diff v1.3 v1.4. We see where we updated values for v1.4 of this document. You can see the corresponding web GUI output via the link below.

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