Change request workflow

A simple and auditable change request workflow that incorporates merge request approvers.

The following incorporates aspects of Git flows and DevOps to create an auditable change request workflow intended for updating documentation.

  • Contributor logs a change request as an issue in GitLab, in this case following a review, someone must update ESD values in the Absolute maximum ratings table. * Technical writer creates a feature-branch from the develop branch.

git checkout -b issue-4 develop * Technical writer updates content on the feature-branch, requests more information as needed via the issue.

* When ready, technical writer creates a merge request to integrate the feature-branch back into the develop branch. This merge request has an Approve function that when checked will automatically integrate the branch and build via CI/CD pipeline.


We can now see (via the merge request thread):

* Who requested the change and why (via [issue](
* Changes and who made them (via [commits]( and [diffs](
* Who approved the change (shown in [merge request](
* Where someone automatically deployed the document (via [pipelines](
* The [Git flow](

    <img src="{{site.baseurl}}/assets/figures/change-request-workflow-git-flow.png" width="66%">


See the Issue-4 Merge Request

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